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Fields of application

The fields of application of dolomitic and magnesium lime and derived mixtures are many and varied. 
Each product is made based on the specific needs of the industry in which it will be used, and on the production features of the client company.


Calcium oxide and magnesium oxide are fundamental in the agglomeration, smelting and refining processes in the steel industry. Thanks to years of experience and special knowledge of the materials, the products we manufacture are ideal for desulphurisation and dephosphorisation applications, achieving basicity and viscosity of slag, and in all uses in secondary metallurgy processing.


Through the synergies with the Unicalce group, we can offer our customers many types of products for use in the construction field: special hydrated lime, fine-grained lime, high-grade lime, lime putty and wet mortars. The quicklime or hydrated lime produced in our factory is used as a base for plasters, mortars and stuccos of excellent quality Extensive experience, scrupulous controls and attention to the development of high-performance products allow us to offer a full range of materials, which ensure excellent quality standards and a strong focus on cost.


The extensive experience and constant technological development of the Unicalce group, which we belong to, allow us to offer customised solutions and products for use in soil stabilisation. In addition to providing an excellent solution for soil stabilisation in construction and road work, the hydrated lime we produce can also be added to asphalts to obtain high-quality bituminous mixes.


Lime, a natural chemical developed for perfect sustainability, is used in a variety of industrial processes to solve environmental issues in the best possible way. Due to its property as a neutralising agent, it can be used to minimise the polluting emissions of industrial chimneys and for the treatment of waste water. Lime allows gases to be purified before entering the atmosphere, reducing the environmental impact of the fumes, and enables separation of impure elements and neutralisation of the pH of processing water and industrial sludge, which can be disposed of more safely.


Agriculture and breeding are two very important resources for our country. This is why we produce high-quality products for these industries, which are always subjected to scrupulous checks. Through our lime-based compounds, it is possible to improve the fertility of terrain and increase the growth rate of crops. Lime actually returns the pH of soils to neutral values and provides calcium and magnesium in acidic soils.
Stables and animal management sites can also achieve safe cleaning and hygiene with the use of lime, improving the living conditions and health of the animals.
All our mixtures are subjected to a continuous process of innovation and research, the result of listening to the needs of our customers.

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The chemical industry has benefited tremendously from the many uses of lime. From the raw material to a useful processing aid, lime is one of the basic elements of the chemical industry. As a raw material it provides the calcium element in chemical synthesis reactions (organic and inorganic salts). Due to its strong base, it can also act as a pH regulator of the reaction medium or totally neutralise acid effluents separated from the main product.
Given the importance and peculiarity of the industrial chemical processes, each of our products for this industry is developed by our technical staff and made according to the specific requirements of the customer.

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