ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

The Group

Strength in unity





Dynamism, efficiency of the production system, quality of materials and products, ethics in managing relationships with partners and customers.

These are the core values of Gruppo Unicalce SpA, the same values that have shaped our business for over 100 years. That’s why we decided to become a part of it.

We believe in collaboration and the importance of mutual valorisation, we know that sharing and unity are strategic resources for us and for all the companies in the group. Sharing primary assets such as Research and Development, management and quality control, or IT and law services, creates a significant competitive advantage and allows us to focus on our job and our relationship with customers in a more efficient and productive way.

A programme to ensure quality

To ensure the quality of all the companies in the group, Unicalce has drawn up a programme that has also become our method of work:

  • qualification and motivation of staff, because our employees are our most valuable resource
  • technologically advanced systems for continuous growth and improvement
  • accurate analysis of raw materials, selected and employed in full respect of the environment
  • scrupulous production controls, to ensure excellent products and consistent performance
  • automating of business processes, from orders to delivery, simplification generates efficiency
  • guaranteed delivery times, through a network of secure and reliable road and rail transport partners


Millions of euros in turnover
Processing plants
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