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A history spanning more than 120 years

We produce lime

We do a seemingly simple job: we produce lime. We have been doing this with dedication and entrepreneurial spirit since 1896. A long history that has enabled us to specialise, to expand our offer, and to create a widespread distribution network throughout Europe.

We want to grow in order to continuously improve the way we work and the products we offer to our customers:

  • quicklime
  • magnesium quicklime
  • desulphurisation blends
  • dolomitic quicklime
  • brimag
  • hydrated lime
  • brical
  • calcium and magnesium carbonates

That is why we completely renovated our main production plant in 2009. Today the site in Fontaniva, in the province of Padua, boasts a state-of-the-art, safe and efficient vertical oven, with a production capacity of 120,000 tons per year.

Unicalce SpA

To ensure continued growth and a full offering of products, we joined Gruppo Unicalce SpA in 2011, the largest Italian producer of lime and derivatives. Through this key partnership we can respond to all of our customers’ needs, with the support of plants and extraction sites located all over Italy.

Environmental impact

Our certifications and efforts to minimise our environmental impact reflect the vision we have of our work: to be partners capable of offering safe and effective products, with a perfect balance of quality and value.

Fornaci Zulian: what we do

Statistics on our main plant in Fontaniva – Padua

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