ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Quality and Environmental Policy

Customer expectations and environmental protection

Quality, intended as meeting customer expectations, and environmental protection, are priorities for Fornaci Zulian Srl, which is committed to:

  • accurately identifying the customer's needs and proposing the most suitable type of product
  • maintaining maximum clarity and transparency in the relationship with the customer
  • always supplying a product that meets the requirements of the customer and fulfils the applicable mandatory requirements
  • paying special attention to the definition and verification of the technical properties of products and their constancy over time
  • identifying significant environmental aspects of its activities under ordinary and emergency conditions and establishing appropriate control measures
  • complying with applicable legal environmental requirements, as well as the voluntary environmental requirements that “Fornaci Zulian” decides to subscribe to
  • implementing continuous improvement of environmental performance and preventing pollution arising from its activities
  • proactively implementing the Kyoto Protocol provisions for proper management and future limitation of carbon dioxide emissions
  • containing and monitoring atmospheric emissions from production processes
  • using waste from the woodworking industry as fuel, making a method of recovery of the same available
  • properly managing waste in order to limit its impact on the environment